Welcome to Indian Property Summit, a prestigious annual event specialised in bringing together the most influential investors internationally and key players from all property sectors based in India – office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial – offering unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

Indian Property Summit aims to foster ambitious, forward-thinking creativity that will usher in tomorrow’s construction projects: smarter, more cost-effective, more energy- and space-efficient. A series of high profile events will unite the most influential investors from around the world and key players from all property sectors based in India, with property developers, estate agents, architects and technology experts under one roof.

Investors will have access to an unparalleled number of next-generation development projects in India, with a focus on sustainability, energy-efficiency, innovation, smart technology and overall strategic benefits to the community.

With Modi’s ‘100 New Smart Cities’  vision and a growing middle class in India, there has never been a better climate for an event of this nature.


Key industry expert-led conference programmes exploring vital industry trends

Gain insight into finance & investment, cities & infrastructure, key sectors and property hot spots.


A showcase of different-scale projects and solutions in India for the property buyer


A year’s worth of exposure and networking achieved in an event with intensive networking sessions with key players from the world’s main investment areas. Identify potential developers for your next property solution.


A prestigious selection of the top real estate and construction projects. This is the critical part of the event, as it recognises and rewards the most promising and outstanding property and construction projects based on a number of categories, including:-

Environmental sustainability, energy efficiencysmart design, smart technology, affordability of project, affordability and ease of maintenance thereafter, spatial efficiencyand multipurpose/versatility/re-usability.

Celebrate the most outstanding property projects at The Indian Property Summit Awards.

Modi’s 100 New Smart Cities in India Vision

100 New Smart Cities in India

Of Modi’s first 100 days in office former Canadian High Commissioner inSmart-Cities-locations-small3 India and part of British Columbia’s official delegation to the country, Stewart Beck says the new Indian Prime Minister made “dramatic international manoeuvres” which have secured infrastructure development, land and labour reform, and have improved the investment environment …

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Donald Trump plans investment in India betting on Modi government


Real estate developer Donald Trump speaks during a news conference to announce his first project in Mumbai. (Reuters photo)

MUMBAI: American real estate mogul Donald Trump is planning “substantial investments” in the Indian property and hotel sectors, betting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led new government’s efforts to revive the economic growth and boost infrastructure …

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Data shows India boasts some of the strongest economic fundamentals, with rising yields, and among the best growth prospects for international property investors.

The Indian Property Summit in London 2015 offers global investors the chance to get introduced to the most exciting new developments, and most reputable developers.

Over $2 trillion is headed to Indian property investments, including the $12B GIFT green, hyper-smart city. GDP growth is headed above 11%, and 73% of those surveyed are bullish on rent and value acceleration.

This is where the savviest property investors meet premium international projects for sizable capital gains, and rising yields.

This is a unique moment to invest for maximum impact. Discover the latest figures, analysts’ forecasts for the India property market, tips for selecting the smartest property investments in India, and reserve your place now


Autumn 2015 – The Indian Property Summit in London

26th-27th September 2015 – The Indian Property Summit in London   This world class and prestigious exhibition bringing key players from all property sectors in India – office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport,  and industrial to showcase their project solution to some of the most influential investors/buyers based in the city of London. The location of the event for this year being held in London will leverage one of the world’s biggest Commercial and Financial hubs, offering any business instant and direct access to Europe’s powerful market.